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Bug#800845: autopkgtest: Add support for nested VMs

On 03/09/2016 08:52 AM, Martin Pitt wrote:
> sorry for the delay, the flu struck :(

No worries. And I hope you get better soon!

> Christian Seiler [2016-03-07 11:28 +0100]:
>> I've attached a patch that updates the man page a bit to make
>> the current semantics you are using clearer.
> Thanks! I massaged this a bit further -- this is only really relevant
> if a test calls adt-reboot-prepare.

Well, technically if somebody mounts it read-only before and does not
umount it before calling adt-reboot, it may also cause problems, but I
figure the current wording in the man page is enough - because people
really _shouldn't_ do this, because any QEMU instance using the
baseimage should have already been terminated at that point, and I
think we can presume that people using this feature will at least have
some degree of competency.

>> I get (w/ qemu-system 1:2.5+dfsg-4~bpo8+1) with current git master
>> (no changes):
>> mount: /dev/vdb1 is write-protected, mounting read-only
>> So I can't really reproduce it. :-(
> I now get the same. I must have wrecked something on Monday, I figure.

Ok, phew! :)

> So, I think we can finally put this bug to a rest :-)

Yes. :)

I just build-tested the current git master in a clean pbuilder chroot.
No lintian messages except the override with:
lintian -L '>=pedantic/wild-guess'

I've also tried to use adt-run on my preliminary open-iscsi tests, and
no problems there.

So from my perspective, it's all set. :-)


PS: Once you're feeling better, it would be great if you could comment
on my open-iscsi tests (see other thread I CC'd to autopkgtest-devel).

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