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Bug#800845: autopkgtest: Add support for nested VMs

Hey Christian,

Christian Seiler [2016-03-04 23:36 +0100]:
> There's a small bug in the changes you made to my patch: logging.warning
> should be adtlog.warning. Also, technically you missed a return path in
> get_cpuflag(), since /proc/cpuinfo could contain no line that starts with
> 'flags'.

Indeed, thanks! I made that more robust by always returning [] in the


> While test-building I also noticed quite a few lintian informational
> notices about the manpages (mainly hyphen-used-as-minus-sign)

Weird, I don't see them here, I just get the ones below and the too
old Standards-Version.

> (Also note that lintian gives me:
> W: autopkgtest: executable-not-elf-or-script usr/share/autopkgtest/setup-commands/ubuntu-touch-session
> W: autopkgtest: executable-not-elf-or-script usr/share/autopkgtest/setup-commands/ro-apt
> W: autopkgtest: executable-not-elf-or-script usr/share/autopkgtest/setup-commands/ro-apt-update
> There are no shebangs in there: is that intentional?)

They aren't needed, but to quiesce lintian I added them now.

There's however one issue which I'd like to address before release.
Adding "update-initramfs -u" to adt-virt-qemu increased the test time
quite dramatically. The tests/testpkg-simple/ no-op test now takes 28s
instead of 20s here. I wonder, do we really need this? A reboot
without an update initrd should not be affected by this: the
/dev/baseimage node does not exist at all, thus there can't be any
UUID clash. It only gets added after booting (and rebooting too), so
having the initrd know about this is not required at all.

I pushed


now to fix this. I want to give you a chance to review this before I
push the red release button, though. :-)



Martin Pitt                        | http://www.piware.de
Ubuntu Developer (www.ubuntu.com)  | Debian Developer  (www.debian.org)
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