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Bug#800845: autopkgtest: Add support for nested VMs

Hello Christian,

Christian Seiler [2016-03-06 18:32 +0100]:
> But setup_baseimage() doesn't do that. It's only run the first time
> after QEMU is started - it's NOT run every boot. Just look at where
> it's hooked in. :-)

Right, sorry -- brain not working on a Sunday evening, obviously :-)
It is re-run after every revert only,  but that's fine.

> (That was the point: I only wanted to add it once so I don't have to
> deal with reboots - otherwise we need to intercept reboots and
> remove the drive and all these nasty things that I didn't want to
> deal with.)

I'll still keep this on my list, though. Rebuilding the initramfs
remains being expensive, and there could be cases where it fails.

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