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Bug#795274: autopkgtest: please simplify the UI for the simplest use case

On Aug 20, 2015, at 11:09 PM, Martin Pitt wrote:

>However, I would be fine with approaching this from another angle: We
>currently have the possibility to "source" arbitrary parts of the
>command line from a file, with @. E. g.
>  adt-run foo.dsc @adt/lxc_runner.conf
>which contains e. g. "--- lxc -s adt-sid" (each option on a new line,
>but we could support spaces too). I'd be fine with reading e. g.
>~/.config/autopkgtest.conf and getting a default runner with configs
>from there. So you only have to set this up once.

I like that.  While I very often use schroot runners because I basically
already have them set up to use with sbuild, I've found lately during the
Python 3.5 transition in Ubuntu that using qemu images is a more reliable
local test of what actually happens on autopkgtest.ubuntu.com.

+1 for using ~/.config/autopkgtest.conf by default, with of course an option
to pass in a different configuration file.

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