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Results for mass autopkgtest run for all perl packages [2014-09-11] -> ack-grep should be fixed now


Axel Beckert wrote:
> I just had a short look at
> https://people.debian.org/~mpitt/tmp/perl-failures/ack-grep/log
> It clearly tries to test the built and not the installed ack:
> #   'Can\'t open perl script "/tmp/adttmp.6zDIN8/smokeiMeUCG/blib/script/ack": No such file or directory'
> This is hardcoded in t/Utils.pm:

... and some other places. Fixed in the package I just uploaded:

ack's test suite originally runs twice, once for the normal version
(called "classic") and once for the standalone version. Since Debian
doesn't ship the standalone version, we don't need to test it
either. But instead we want installed-time tests via the autopkgtest

So I changed (nearly) all occurrences of the ACK_TEST_STANDALONE
environment variable in ack's test suite to ADTTMP and switch between
build-time and installed-time testing with it. Which fits perfectly
because -Mblib is usually not used or unset if

So I skip the test_standalone target, but pass $ADTTMP instead of a
hardcoded 0 to t/runtests.pl to trigger the switch. That way it
should even work when running "make test" after "perl Makefile.PL"
has run.

		Regards, Axel
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