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Results for mass autopkgtest run for all perl packages [2014-09-11]


Martin Pitt wrote:
> I'm starting a new thread to keep the original one for the generic
> discussion and this to fixing the particular failures.

Not sure if I should reply to both lists or just to debian-perl at ...

I just had a short look at

It clearly tries to test the built and not the installed ack:

#   'Can\'t open perl script "/tmp/adttmp.6zDIN8/smokeiMeUCG/blib/script/ack": No such file or directory'

This is hardcoded in t/Utils.pm:

    if ( $ENV{'ACK_TEST_STANDALONE'} ) {
        unshift( @args, File::Spec->rel2abs( 'ack-standalone', $orig_wd ) );
    else {
        unshift( @args, File::Spec->rel2abs( 'blib/script/ack', $orig_wd ) );

The test suite IIRC also tests ack-standalone in a second run at build
time, but we neither install nor need that script. I suspect this will
require either patches with yet another case to handle in the code
above or some monkey patching elsewhere.

Feel free to reply only to debian-perl at ... if you think the
autopkgtest guys will be rather bothered by that specific case. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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