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Results for mass autopkgtest run for all perl packages [2014-09-11]

On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 07:05:31AM +0200, Martin Pitt wrote:

>   Total:    2713       <https://people.debian.org/~mpitt/tmp/perl-all.txt>
>   Passing:  1765 (65%)
>   Failing:   948 (35%) <https://people.debian.org/~mpitt/tmp/perl-failed-tests.txt>


> https://people.debian.org/~mpitt/tmp/logs-20140911.tar.xz
> (8 MB compressed, 367 MB uncompressed)

I spotted one generic POD problem that we can fix centrally:
there are 308 packages with
  #   Failed test 'Pod coverage on Debian::pkg-perl::Foobar'
because our dummy module isn't enough for Test::Pod::Coverage.

It looks like approximately 200 packages might have no other failures,
so that would get us near 75%. Probably worth one more test run once
we've fixed it.

There's also
     18 #   Failed test 'use Debian::pkg-perl::Foobar;'
     12 #   Failed test 'Debian::pkg-perl::Foobar defines a version'
which we can fix centrally, but they are much rarer.

Some other statistics of the failures, hope my grep-fu didn't fail me:

742 smoke fails (source package test suite against installed modules)
144 use.t fails (perl -w -MMain::Module -e1 exits with status 0, no output)
176 syntax.t fails (perl -wc exits with status 0 for all installed .pm files)

43 smoke + use.t    both fail
43 use.t + syntax.t both fail (not the same 43 packages!)
68 smoke + syntax.t both fail

17 all three tests fail

I reviewed these 17 briefly. Half of the packages seem to have RC bugs,
a few have probably lower severity bugs and the rest need test tweaking /
disabling. That's not a bad percentage IMO.

Somewhat terse notes of those 17 packages below, mainly for the pkg-perl folks.
We should probably drop the autopkgtest-devel list if we discuss these or other
package-specific issues.

# needs mod_perl?
# missing dep on libapache-htgroup-perl?; skip use.t 
# needs libcgi-application-perl? 
# RC bug? missing dep on liblist-moreutils-perl
# RC bug? missing dep on libfile-slurp-perl
# RC bug? missing dep on libjson-perl
# RC bug? missing build and runtime dep on libmodule-install-perl
# RC bug? missing build and runtime dep on libmodule-install-perl
# RC bug? missing build and runtime dep on libmodule-install-perl
# RC bug? missing dep on libtest-spelling-perl
# RC bug? getprotobyname('tcp') failed, missing dep on netbase?
# smoke needs extra files
# smoke needs extra files
# others may need skipping?
# use.t warns about given/when being experimental
# syntax errors in modules?
# smoke needs extra files
# use.t warnings
# syntax errors in modules?
# use.t and syntax.t should probably be skipped?
# lots of warnings
# smoke needs extra files
# use.t and syntax.t need xvfb-run?

Niko Tyni   ntyni at debian.org

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