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Mozilla a legal XIM client?

Is mozilla a legal XIM client, or is it supposed to be?
Are all (good) GNOME/KDE applications supposed to be
XIM clients? Is gimp an XIM client? Or Will it evolved
to be? Could XCIN be used with 'em?

(I'm just in a lost with XCIN... ;) struggling my way in the
jungle... oops, sorry I mean, hmmm... ;) )

P.s. if xcin/rxvt-ml*deb's are produced to be used for chinese right
out of the box, i may consider it's a bug, but, hmmm, we all know
L*nux's picky with his frineds... hehe, ... ;) ummm, i mean, ahh,
Thank you anyways, I will be a user w/ royalty. ;)

Best regards,

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