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Re: OpenChain Project looking for help

Hi Yubin

Top post! I think this is perfect to start. Let’s proceed with this.

(1) I will add this to the OpenChain website. After Boyuan or another native speaker confirms, I will change it from “unofficial” to “official” translation for OpenChain
(2) Please let me know where and how I should send the 100 USD marketing budget we had for this item :)



> On Jul 28, 2017, at 12:39 , Yubin Ruan <ablacktshirt@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On Jul 27, 2017, at 22:03 , Yubin Ruan <ablacktshirt@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> 1. the word "on-boarding". Basically I understand what it means
>>> (recruitment, or call-for-participation), but I don't know how to
>>> translate that into Chinese.
>> Perhaps “executive summary” is a good alternative?
> I don't think "executive summary" is good enough. I prefer to use the
> word "项目简介", which mean "project introduction" in English. That is
> commonly use in many kinds of Chinese documents.
>>> 2. the word "OpenChain Conformance". I don't know how to translate
>>> that perfectly, so right now I will leave it as is. Others can make
>>> good suggestions in this list, if any. If nobody make any suggestion,
>>> maybe you can accept a not-so-good translation?
>> Maybe just "OpenChain Conformance” left as a term in English, or not-so-good translation is fine. 一致性 is the machine translation of conformance but… I have no idea.
> "一致性" is great. I would use that. But, I have re-phrase that to
> something like "conformance certification", to make it more natural in
> Chinese.
>>> 3. You use the word "organizations" in many places, and I translate
>>> most of that into "open source organizations", is that OK?
>> I think it is better to stay “organizations” because we want all companies, not only open source, to consider using this.
> Understand. Now I change the translation to something like "different
> kinds of organizations", because the word "organization" only is a
> little big in Chinese and it is also a verb. So, "different kinds of
> organizations" would mean the same things but at the same time adhere
> to the context (it make sentences more understandable).
> And also, I guess, by "project", you do not only mean "open source
> project", but also "different kinds of projects"? I change that
> accordingly.
>>> 4. In paragraph "OpenChain Specification", you write: "...The main
>>> goal of organizations using the OpenChain Specification is to become
>>> conformant. This means that their organization meets the requirements
>>> of a certain version of the OpenChain Specification...". I don't
>>> really understand the logic behind this, so my translation might not
>>> reflect your meanings exactly. Can you explain that or re-phrase that
>>> a little bit?
>> I will try to rephrase.
>> The goal is for organizations to meet the requirements of the OpenChain Specification. Different versions of the OpenChain Specification may have different requirements. Organizations try to meet the requirements of their selected version.
> I have change the translation accordingly.
> Please find attached the refined .docx and .pdf. If you agree to my
> changes above, then these shall be the final translation.
> Regards,
> Yubin
> <OpenChain On-Boarding 1.0 Beta - Chinese.pdf><OpenChain On-Boarding 1.0 Beta - Chinese.docx>

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