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OpenChain Project looking for help

Dear Debian Chinese Translators!

I run the OpenChain Project (www.openchainproject.org). We want to raise awareness in China. We have some volunteers helping to translate our material. However, I need an overview handout translated soon to share with Chinese companies. Instead of going to a commercial translation company I wanted to check if someone in the community is interested in helping.

Because OpenChain is a project, and we are not commercial, we have limited budget. However, I have $100 from my marketing budget available. The document I would like to translate is here:

I can provide an editable format by email.

Personally I like the idea of reinvesting our marketing into the community. I hope someone has time and is interested.



Shane Coughlan
OpenChain Program Manager
e: coughlan@linux.com            
p: +81 (0) 80 4035 8083                
w: www.openchainproject.org

Professional profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/shanecoughlan

Get my free book on open source compliance here:

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