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Coordinating language templates BIG-5, GB, Japanese

Dear Madame and Sirs

I have been in contact with Debian Traditional BIG-5 templates organisation as well as Debian Responsible in Japan

My suggestion is that since you work with a more simplifiées templates and keyboard as you use GB Standards rather than thé larger traditionnel BIG-5 Chinese and at least 300 Million people will qualify to use your keyboards we find job opportunities for you at KTH Sweden

See Link; https://www.KTH.se
And Link; https://www.win-rar.se

Now challenge is to coordinate dBases Lists and other aspects to facilitate for Chinese Resque and Search efforts in local Areas of Sendai Japan and they lack Mobile computing capacities, power lines are down close to Fukushima and téléphones are missing

I think that You may please contact people in Ministery of Foreign Affairs and/or Network Responsible for Debian BIG-5 and suggest that now as Swedish Représentative for thé United Nations, Mr Per Anders Bertlin is now at place in thé Swedish Embassy in Tokyo to ressasse thé functions of Fukushima failure and will need assistance from China

You find me at twitter as @SendaiResque @jensat9

Please email your response to;


Telephone: +46738305175

Thanks for the attention
Jens Arnold

Skickat från min iPhone

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