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Re: There might be a problem with the fix_big5.pl script

Hi Runa,

This is an iconv "problem", because there is no counterpart in GB2312
for one of the two forward slashes in Big5, so the conversion fails.
(there are two forward slashes in Big5 while there's only one in
GB2312). I can change all the non-convertible forward slashes to the
convertible ones, should I send the patch to you or to d-www?

Anthony Wong

On 12/05/07, Runa Agate Sandvik <runa@samfundet.no> wrote:

I have the following output:

wml -q -D CUR_YEAR=2007 -o
UNDEFuZH@uCNuCNHKuCNTW:groups.zh-cn.html.tmp@g+w -o
UNDEFuZH@uHKuCNHKuHKTW:groups.zh-hk.html.tmp@g+w -o
--prolog=../../../bin/fix_big5.pl  groups.wml
* Converting: [zh_CN.GB2312], /usr/bin/iconv: illegal input sequence at position
make[4]: *** [groups.zh-hk.html] Error 1

I have tried to locate the problem and I have narrowed it down to
webwml/chinese/international/Chinese/devel (www.debian.org CVS). It seems
like there is an error in the fix_big.pl script - and that some big5
character can't be represented in GB2312.

I have tried using cat, iconv and dd to find the source to this problem. The
output I have can be found on

I hope this helps and that you can figure out what the problem is. I would appreciate some feedback when you have a solution :)

- Runa Sandvik

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