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There might be a problem with the fix_big5.pl script


I have the following output:

wml -q -D CUR_YEAR=2007 -o
UNDEFuZH@uCNuCNHKuCNTW:groups.zh-cn.html.tmp@g+w -o
UNDEFuZH@uHKuCNHKuHKTW:groups.zh-hk.html.tmp@g+w -o
--prolog=../../../bin/fix_big5.pl  groups.wml
* Converting: [zh_CN.GB2312], /usr/bin/iconv: illegal input sequence at position
make[4]: *** [groups.zh-hk.html] Error 1

I have tried to locate the problem and I have narrowed it down to
webwml/chinese/international/Chinese/devel (www.debian.org CVS). It seems
like there is an error in the fix_big.pl script - and that some big5
character can't be represented in GB2312.

I have tried using cat, iconv and dd to find the source to this problem. The
output I have can be found on

I hope this helps and that you can figure out what the problem is. I would appreciate some feedback when you have a solution :)

- Runa Sandvik

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