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Re: fortune-mod 软件包介绍的翻译

On 8/11/06, Carlos Liu <about.linux@gmail.com> wrote:
I think "fortune cookie" can be translated as 签语饼. Please have a look
on fortunes-it [1]. My one isn't a good translation, but we can
improve it later.
"签语饼"不错。谢谢你给的链接。我又 google 了一下,看来大家都是这样用的。

"警句和俏皮话" isn't enough to express the meaning, fortunes-xx also include
many offensive messages.
如果要根据 fortunes-off 和其他 fortunes 包的内容来翻译的确比较难。我查了一下 Merriam-Webster
Online Dictionary 和手头的大部头牛津英汉双解辞典,它们的释义都没有提到 epigram

On 8/10/06, Save Chai <chaisave@gmail.com> wrote:
> 大家好,
> 有这么几句,我打算这么翻译:
> * Description: provides fortune cookies on demand
> 根据需要提供好运饼(fortune cookies)
> * The fortune package displays epigrams ...
> fortune 软件包能显示一些名言警句和俏皮话
> fortune cookie [0] 是北美中餐馆常提供的点心,但是在国内我没有看到有类似或者能对应上的食品。我觉得应该保留原文,大家的意思呢?
> [0] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortune_cookie

[1] http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=2575
 Best Regards

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