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Re: PowerPC 的 Open Firmware 应该怎么翻译?

Hi, "Carlos Z.F. Liu" <carlosliu@users.sourceforge.net> :

On Tue, 1 Aug 2006 01:35:41 +1200
"Carlos Z.F. Liu" <carlosliu@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> > > 大哥,你这个箭头偏得太远了一点吧。 :-D
> > 呵呵,这不是我的错,只能怪kmail的编辑器不好使,
> 没有用等宽字体吗?

俺们都用它,Mono 字体呀,天天见。

A. Because it makes the logic of the discussion difficult to follow.
Q. Why shoudn't I top post?
A. No.
Q Should I top post?

A: Because it destroys the flow of the conversation
Q: Why is it bad?
A: No, it's bad.
Q: Should I top post in replies to mailing lists? 

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