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URL for an English site describing how to enable Chinese input?


I am an non-chinese speaking guy, who wants to install a debian (sarge)
system for my chinese wife. Or perhaps Ubunto. But the problem is that I
am not to sure of how to configure the system so it will be an english
system, but with an easy way to handle simplified chinese. Something
similar to Win XP IME input.

Most of the sites I have found by using Google referes to Chinese speaking
persons, or are very old.
I found a promising site though, but all the comments that looks to add
good information are in Chinese.
Also found this site http://seba.studentenweb.org/thesis/linux.php

Our goal it to enable chinese for file names, open office, gaim, web and
Probably more, but this will do for a start.

Hopefully someone knows of a good english howto site for enabling Chinese
input on an English debian/Sarge/Ubunto system.

Thanks in advance.


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