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Re: Three problems with Chinput

You might want to use xcin for zh_TW locale. But simplified Chinese
is more common online these days.

I tried both and found chinput more convenient featurewise.  My
Chinese class uses traditional Chinese, and I'm going to work with
Classical Chinese, for which I guess I'll need traditional
characters, too.
I havn't have time to try Chinput but I know you can start 2 xcin with
two different default name which you can assign different XIM to
different application.  Hope that help.
Before IIIMF become avalible I'm not sure where is X input method
really going and what IIIMF could offer ( in reality ).

BTW: A better pinyin input method might be SCIM, see the previous
posts on this list about that.

I don't like the fact that SCIM's pinyin module is non-free, and
that SCIM seems to be more of a moving target, under heavy
I havn't try SCIM yet either.... is it any good?

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