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Three problems with Chinput

Dear list,
I am using chinput 3.0.2 in Debian testing and experience the
following problems:

   1. Chinput does not play nice with xterm.  When I open an xterm
      with chinput running in the background, xterm and chinput
      together will consume ca. 20% CPU time doing nothing at
      all.  When I have TWO xterms open with chinput in the
      background, and then hit CTRL-SPACE in one of them to enter
      some Chinese, the chinput selection box will appear in xterm
      no. 1, then no. 2, then no. 1 again, and so on flickering
      away in rapid succession while X's CPU usage goes up to
      70%.  This can't really be caught in a screenshot, but


      shows two xterms open with the chinput selection box for a
      split-second appearing in the non-active one where I DIDN'T
      press CTRL-SPACE.

   2. I would like to bind the activation of Chinese input to some
      other key combination than CTRL-SPACE because CTRL-SPACE is
      (constantly!) used in Emacs to set the mark, and it is very
      annoying indeed when chinput takes over that key
      combination.  How can I do that?

   3. The font used in chinput's character selection box is a
      simplified font.  I am however working in a traditional
      Chinese locale, and would like the selection box to use a
      font with traditional characters.  How can I specify that?

Problems 1 and 2 are rather severe, really, and I would be
surprised if nobody else has encountered them.  And please excuse
me if any of the problems could have been resolved reading
Chinese-language documentaion - I'm not quite there yet :-)

Thanks in advance,

Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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