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using group quota with LDAP + NFS

Hi all,

    Does anyone got experience on LDAP + NFS + Quota ?

    My guessing is that Quota working with LDAP not very well,
I am trying to `edquota -g` for group quota, it have no problem
on translating group to gid, even it can resolve user's uid,
but it won't take any effect finally, either `repquota -a -g`
or `repquota -a` generate incorrect result :

    1) No LDAP group show out from repquota
    2) edquota work only for 'local' group in /etc/groups

    Is there're anything I should have to do in order to make
group quota work ? (I used 'usrquota,grpquota' in fstab)

  Sorry to bother you all, any advice for my question ?

Best Regards,
Shell Hung <shell at shellhung dot org>

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