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Re: KDE 3.0 and released languages

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002 05:26:32 +0800, Anthony Fok wrote:
>And I guess there are not many active developers in the TLUG, and the HKLUG
>community is very small; active Linux developers are even less. And I would
>have missed your message too if I weren't subscribed to the list (because I
>do some KDE packaging for Thiz Linux.  :-) But yes, you're right that this
>does need to be addressed.  There have been efforts to coordinate
>Linux projects in Taiwan and in Hong Kong, but it'll take some time.

Thanks for looking into this. I'm sure you, Ken, and the others will be
able to sort this out for the next releases. There is no way around of
somebody following release announcements, language stats, and (at
least) the kde-i18n-doc list.

Like I said, as for the 3.0 release it is up to Dirk Mueller to decide
if there is still time (and how much). But the sooner you come up with
something the better I guess.

>BTW, what is the minimal criteria in getting zh_TW back?  Would it be enough
>if we could get kdelibs.po and desktop.po 90% translated, and kdesktop 75%

Yes. Normal criteria are to have kdelibs.po and desktop.po fully
translated and kdebase around 80%. The more the better of course. But
we will about always include languages if the maintainer shows up and
says "it's good enough for release" (or I need a release to actively
recruit new translators). Main thing is that this stuff is continously
and actively maintained and that there are clear responsibilities.

>I have just downloaded kde-i18n-zh_{CN,TW}.tar.bz2 and I'll see
>how much I can borrow from the CN team.  :-)

Sounds like a good idea. ;-)



KDE translation: http://i18n.kde.org/
Deutsche KDE-Uebersetzung: http://i18n.kde.org/teams/de/

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