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Re: 请问xcin的词音不见了

On Mon, Nov 26, 2001 at 08:50:12AM +0800, thhsieh@linux.org.tw wrote:
> Sorry that I joined this thread so late :-)) Here are some tips
> of the current development of libtabe and xcin.

Actually, I should approach you earlier about this. :) Sorry.

> 1. From libtabe-0.2.X, the API is supposed changed. So it will be
>    incompatible with the old series such as libtabe-0.1.X. The
>    development will go on. The API change may occure again in the
>    future. So, please keep this in mind :-))

That's why I'm proposing the changes.  This way xcin would not break
when new libtabe releases. :)

>    any API changes. Its change rule is according to the suggestion
>    of libtool. See:
> 	libtabe/src/version.h
>    or
> 	info libtool, * Versioning::

Thanks for the pointer.  Note the following paragraph regarding the use
of -release:

:    Note that this option causes a modification of the library name, so
: do not use it unless you want to break binary compatibility with any
: past library releases.  In general, you should only use `-release' for
: package-internal libraries or for ones whose interfaces change very
: frequently.

This means that, whenever libtabe changes its release name (ie.
libtabe-0.2.5, libtabe-0.2.6, etc), binary compatibility would break
anyway.  (xcin now links to libtabe-0.2.4.so.0 in any case.)  Therefore,
I think the package should be called libtabe0.2.4.

I'll consult with other Debian developers about the package naming.

>    So, if you want to keep the most updated/maybe bug free source
>    code, please get the source of BOTH xcin & libtabe from the CVS.

OK, but it would be better if, for example, fixes for 0.2.4 are branched
or tagged with 0-2-4, etc, instead of in CVS Head.  But this is only a
suggestion. :)

> 3. libtabe now can be built on the top of libdb2 or libdb3. Please
>    choose one of them. The suggestion of the maintainer of libtabe,
>    Shawn, is that libdb3 is recommanded, because it is much stable
>    and reliable then libdb2.

Yup, I'll be building it with libdb3.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  Roger So                                               Opinions are mine,
  Sun Wah Linux Ltd.                                     not my employer's.

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