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Re: 请问xcin的词音不见了

: I just found out that, yes, they're different.
: Anyway, libtabe-db 0.2.4a will be incompatible with all previous
: versions, because I'm going to move the databases from /usr/share/tabe
: to /usr/lib/tabe.  They belong in /usr/lib because they're architecture
: dependent.

Sorry that I joined this thread so late :-)) Here are some tips
of the current development of libtabe and xcin.

1. From libtabe-0.2.X, the API is supposed changed. So it will be
   incompatible with the old series such as libtabe-0.1.X. The
   development will go on. The API change may occure again in the
   future. So, please keep this in mind :-)) Since now libtabe
   use libtool for library creation, it is easy to figure out if
   this version has any API changes. The naming convention of the
   library name is


   The 0.2.4 is the libtabe release number, such as libtabe-0.2.4.
   The 0.2.0 is the API status number, which will change whenever
   any API changes. Its change rule is according to the suggestion
   of libtool. See:

	info libtool, * Versioning::

2. Because of the API changes of libtabe, xcin surely will change
   accordingly. During the development, we will release snapshot
   tarballs like, libtabe-0.2.4, libtabe-0.2.5 .... xcin-2.5.3.pre1,
   xcin-2.5.3.pre2 .... whenever the developments have reached a
   stage, but note that the snapshot tarballs may have bugs. These
   bugs are expected to be fixed very fast in the CVS:


   So, if you want to keep the most updated/maybe bug free source
   code, please get the source of BOTH xcin & libtabe from the CVS.

   For the discussions about xcin bugs/developments, please refer
   to the xcin mailing list:


3. libtabe now can be built on the top of libdb2 or libdb3. Please
   choose one of them. The suggestion of the maintainer of libtabe,
   Shawn, is that libdb3 is recommanded, because it is much stable
   and reliable then libdb2.

   Note that the database file from libdb2 and libdb3 are incompatible.
   That is, tsi.db/yin.db built from libtabe/libdb2 cannot be used in
   libtabe/libdb3, and vice versa.

Besides, I note that tsi.db/yin.db are archetecture dependent, as you
mentioned. I think it is better to move them into /usr/lib/tabe. I
will do that in these days and commit this into CVS. Thanks very much
to point out this :-))


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