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Re: 请问xcin的词音不见了

I was going to email you about the changes I'm going to make regarding
libtabe's packages ... but you beat me :p

On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 09:57:17PM +0800, Anthony Fok wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 05:55:50PM +1100, Roger So wrote:
> > However, it seems that libtabe changed its API in 0.2.4, and thus
> > couldn't be compiled with the xcin currently in sid.  Anthony, will you
> > package xcin 2.5.3?  If so, then I'll upload 0.2.4a.
> Good question!  I have actually built libtabe-0.2.4a locally with
> libdb3-dev, and then tried to build xcin-2.5.3.pre2 too.  There was an
> error message which I intend to fix tonight.

Do you want me to compile with libdb3 or libdb2?  It compiles fine here
with libdb2, but I do prefer libdb3.

A somewhat related question: are the databases created with libdb2
compatible with libdb3?  Vice versa?  I suspect they're not, but if they
are, then libtabe-db 0.2.4a doesn't need to Conflicts: libtabe0.

> Note that I have already tested libtabe-0.2.4a and xcin-2.5.3.pre2 (similar
> to the CLE gaga pre2 packages).  They work very well with no compilation
> problem.  I hope it is just a matter of a small typo that I add while
> re-making the patches.  :-)

That's great!

> I'll send you my libtabe-0.2.4a diff as I made some other minor fixes too.
> :-)  Also, please note that there was some minor updates after thhsieh first
> announced libtabe-0.2.4a.  Please make sure your tarball include them.  (I
> think xcin.linux.org.tw contains nightly tarballs which should be the most
> current.)

The tarball I got was straight from 
I hope it's not too old ... I do notice that CVS HEAD has a few changes.

Now on to the packaging changes I mentioned before.  As you know,
libtabe changed its API from 0.2.3 to 0.2.4; however, it did so without
bumping its soname.[1]  The result is that, with xcin installed,
I could still install libtabe0-dev 0.2.4a-1, and everything became a
mess.  xcin won't even compile (because /usr/include/tabe.h has
the new API).

Therefore, from 0.2.4, I propose making the following changes:

 * The binary package would be called "libtabe0.2.4".
 * The development package would be called "libtabe-dev".
 * The tsiyin database package is still called "libtabe-db".

libtabe-dev would contain the newest libtabe API.

libtabe0.2.4 and libtabe0 (0.2.3-6) can coexist together on the system,
so that eg. xcin does not need to be removed to install the
latest libtabe-dev.

The changes would make the packages similar to libgal.

The above work is mostly finished; the preliminary packages can be found
on http://spacehunt.info/  (sorry, not apt-gettable yet.)

What do you think?

> Let's hope we are not too late for the freeze.  :-)


[1] Well, the soname did change, but its major-version didn't.  In fact,
    the whole name of the library changed from "libtabe-0.2.2" to
    "libtabe-0.2.4"; the libraries are thus called "libtabe-0.2.2.so.0"
    and "libtabe-0.2.4.so.0".

  Roger So                                               Opinions are mine,
  Sun Wah Linux Ltd.                                     not my employer's.

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