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Re: 问个emacs的问题

Pun Kuan Tou <toukp@macau.ctm.net> writes:
> ps: 我是install potato 2.2r3光盘里的emacs20, semi, flim, t-gnus 
> 而xemacs是在xemacs.org download回来的21.4.3自行compile的。

in debian, you have better and easier choice to use pre-compiled
packages for xemacs and gnu emacs and gnus and t-gnus etc etc. you
usually will have fewer hassles with software installation.

man apt-get <--- i suppose this would be a reason for you to choose
                 debian. ;)
> ps2:之前我试用xemacs 21.1.14 gnus 5.8.8在中文方面常出现数个字变乱码
> 的情况,而且有某部份的信件不能正常显示中文,更换了xemacs 21.4.3
> ognus 0.03之后,看中文信件就没什么问题了,只是栅位不能对齐。另外,当
> 我尝试在xemacs中设定fontset时就不能同时使中英文都有bold, italic,
> bold-italic的效果。在网上找到的资料都是在讨论emacs的,所以就安装
> emacs试试。结果就碰到满头饱了 T_T

you could tune the size used for chinese fonts, the default in xemacs
is very ugly. and xemacs M-q works ugly with chinese too. but emacs21
is totally different. all shining all singing. ;)

see people.debian.org/~zw for some screenshots where listed some lisp
snippet to tune the font/fontsize used for chinese in xemacs. if you
can't stand people.debian.org/~kitame debian package for emacs21 (and
there're xemacs21.4 too which is the newest version of xemacs.)

[argh, i use english because i'm posting to -big5 while it's difficult
to input ig5 here. ;) hope you're okay with me.]

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