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Re: 问个emacs的问题

Pun Kuan Tou <toukp@macau.ctm.net> writes:
> I have installed chinese fonts already, this problem didn't occured
> in my XEmacs/gnus, only in emacs/t-gnus.

ok buddy, have a test, you may try C-x C-f
/path/to/gnus/message/in/trouble see if it will be loaded in correct
chinese fonts. if it can, then it will be a gnus config problem; if
not, then it is xemacs' problem.

also you may try to load the trouble message text in mozilla with
encoding set to big5 to see if it could be viewed correctly. thus we
could verify if the message itself was encoded ok.

also, i'm in wonder why you don't use pure gnus instead of t-gnus? (i
don't know t-gnus, but i feel very satisfied with pure gnus which is
maintained currently by a chinese speaking person (Zhu ShengHuo), ...)

you may also attach the trouble message to me if privacy is not a
problem to you. ;)

> > > 另外在xemacs的问题,先看看下图...
> > > http://mfc.netfirms.com/pics/gnus_ar.jpg

connection refused. ??

> 如果不能解决这就什为可惜了,我比较喜欢用XEmacs,因为我花了很多心血去
> 设定它。到现在才可以较为正常的使用gnus阅读中文newsgroup。

hey, emacs21 at people.debian.org/~kitame is very very kewl. far
better than xemacs. ;) and config is a snap. ;)

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