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Re: lost email: some research

李果正 <edt1023@ms17.hinet.net> writes:
> Well,测试一下,我把 From: 改了一下,附上中文名字,这封 To: 给 
> debian-chinese-big5,然后 Cc: 给 zw@debian.org。

Thanks alot!

But I'm not sure because I've subscribed to both -gb and -big5 and you
have Cc:ed me as well. Even worse I have my email client configured as
to delete all duplicate messages. So your message appears only in my
private box. But the logs seem to say that there are three messages
arrived. Anyway, I guess this route is OK. It's probably not the
problem of a Chinese From: line.

Now I'm waiting someone from bbs.e-fever.org to post a test message
there to see if anything wrong. Someone please?

Thanks alot!

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