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Re: Chinese fonts in X look dirty

>   * A Chinese bitmap font was used in place of the TrueType font, and
>     X re-scaled the bitmap font, which indeed, doesn't look so pretty.
>     xfonts-cmex-big5p might be the culprit.  Do this:
> 	dpkg --purge xfonts-cmex-big5p

well, now I don't have any chinese fonts any more... doesn't matter which 
font I choose now, chinese glyphs are not displayed as glyphs any more...
I have installed the true type packages, but the fnst don't come up in the 
selection in KDE. xfs-xtt is running too... 
I think it's a general font problem in my system. Truetype fonts seem not to 
be recognized.
Is there anything else I have to look at?
Which fonts do you use in X-windows to display chinese chars?


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