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Re: Chinese fonts in X look dirty

On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 03:27:24PM +0800, Arne Goetje wrote:
> Hi,
> chinese fonts in X look dirty... I installed XFree86 4.0.3, xfs-xtt and the 
> ttf-fonts... but they look like bad bitmap fonts. On fontsize 12 it's hard to 
> identify them, I have to guess the signs...

Please provide screenshot(s) to show us what exactly you are seeing.
I suspect that either:

  * A Chinese bitmap font was used in place of the TrueType font, and
    X re-scaled the bitmap font, which indeed, doesn't look so pretty.
    xfonts-cmex-big5p might be the culprit.  Do this:

	dpkg --purge xfonts-cmex-big5p

  * or perhaps your expectation is too high.  :-p

> Ah, yes... when I start an application from crxvt xlibs always complains that 
> RENDER is missing on display :0

That has nothing to do with Chinese support.  Rather, that error message
only shows when you try to run a program that uses the Qt library. It is
attempting to use anti-aliased fonts, but since the RENDER extension is
missing, it cannot do anti-aliasing.  I don't know if your video card is
supported by XFree86 4.0.3 to do anti-aliasing.

If you want to pursue anti-aliasing in Qt applications, Please search on the
web for relevant information, or ask on debian-user or #debian on
irc.debian.org.  :-)  My video cards don't support them yet, so I haven't
played with it, nor do I know how myself.



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