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Re: [Q] How to set up sound?

Alex Wang 写道:
> Hi all
> Could anyone please tell me how to set up sound in Debian?
> I did get a prompt (during install) for detecting my sound card,
> I think. (I'm using Creative VIBRA)
> But I still can't get sound. Is there anything I need to set up?
> The HOWTO says I have to recompile my kernel...... >_<
> It's very depressing to work without music...   :P

Maybe you can find modules in /lib/modules/2.2.18pre21/misc.
I don't know which one is about Creative VIBRA sound card.
If you fail in this way, check Creative web site or alsa project to
find whether the driver is.

p.s. Rember to add user in the group "cdrom" and "audio".

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