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[Q] How to set up sound?

Hi all
Could anyone please tell me how to set up sound in Debian?
I did get a prompt (during install) for detecting my sound card,
I think. (I'm using Creative VIBRA)

But I still can't get sound. Is there anything I need to set up?
The HOWTO says I have to recompile my kernel...... >_<

It's very depressing to work without music...   :P

Oh and something funny about X Window: my screen
(the whole screen) shakes all the time...but it doesn't do
that in MS-Windows. I've checked my scanline settings and
modes, they're all fine.

I installed from Deb CD (Dec 2000), so I suppose I'm using
XFree86 3. Would it solve the problem to upgrade to 4?
(I'm using NVidia Riva128ZX)

Thanks for reading through this long description...    :P

Hsi-Ting (Alex) Wang,

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