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Re: input methods -- xcin or chinput

I found the solution for my problem using xcin.  I made a custom xcinrc
file using the system xcinrc file as a starting point.  The first thing
I noticed was in the system xcinrc file there's a "pinyin" input method
listed under the zh_CN.GB2312 locale, so I reproduced the relevant parts
of that input method for the zh_TW.Big5 locale.  The lines I
changed/added are:

(define zh_TW.Big5  
  ;'((DEFAULT_IM                "cj")
  '((DEFAULT_IM         "pinyin")
    (DEFAULT_IM_MODULE  "gen_inp")
    (PHRASE             "default.phr")
    (CINPUT             (pinyin cj simplex phone bimspinyin bimsphone
jyutping array30 jyutping0 ))
    (FONTSET            "-sony-*-24-*-iso8859-1,-eten-*-24-*-big5-0")
    (OVERSPOT_FONTSET   "-sony-*-16-*-iso8859-1,-eten-*-16-*-big5-0")))
;  Here are detailed configuration of each IM (for zh_TW.Big5 locale).
(define pinyin@big5  
        '((SETKEY               0)))

In particular I added "pinyin" to the DEFAULT_IM and CINPUT macros. 
Then I also made a "SETKEY" entry for pinyin, so I could bring it up
with the ctrl-alt-0 keystroke.  That's the only change I made.

Then I started up xcin and rxvt -- I was able to enter pinyin just like
I wanted.  Fantastic!  It also works for me in xemacs.  I'm having
problems with regular emacs, however.

The input method suggested below, "C-x RET C-\ chinese-py-b5", does seem
to work, but the fonts displayed aren't correct.  All I get are little
white boxes and rectangles.  Is there a way to set the fonts correctly
for regular emacs (not xemacs)?

Again I have to say it is very very cool to be able to enter Chinese
characters on my linux box.  It is really helping me to practice my
Chinese.  And it's reasonably priced :) .


wen@japan.email.ne.jp wrote:
> curt> Now I'm looking for that same method for use with xcin.  xcin has a
> curt> pinyin input, but it's not like cxterm's method.  At the end of the day
> curt> I want to use emacs-mule for editing, so I'm focusing on getting xcin to
> curt> work.
> If you do not mind to input Chinese(Big5) one by one in Emacs by pinyin
> with a tone, type C-x RET C-\ chinese-py-b5 then you can do that.
> Regards,
> --Wen
> wen@japan.email.ne.jp

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