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RE: gdm Problem.

>Just hardcode the locale to the
>chinese_t       zh_TW.big5

I have tried this one as well (as it is discussed before in the list), it
just show up Chinese_t under locale but it didn't change the setting at all.

I think gdm can display Chinese once it is selected locale zh_TW.big5 (or
Big5) but it didn't as I expected. Is anyone able to let gdm display Chinese
once you selected locale zh_TW.big5/Big5 (I should use capital Z or smaller
z, capital Z is for CLE compatibility, right?) ?

My GDM is 2.0.0-Beta 4, I think it is a unstable one. If it help?

BTW, I can read Chinese but I just don't know any Chinese input method only

WK Yeung

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