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Re: gdm Problem.

【 在 kit@kitkit.net (WK Yeung) 的大作中提到: 】
: Hi all
: I am new to Debian World and this list. :)
: I have searched the archive but can't find the solution for my problem, I
: have setup X properly to display Chinese (Big5). However, I would like to
: use GDM for my login front-end, the problem is XFree can not read the proper
: locale, it use the English instead. I read the archive said gdm will not
: read .bashrc for user's locale. Therefore I should in the /etc/gtk/ from
: big5 to Big5. Is the method correct, but why it is not working?
: This terminal is going to share with other people with different locale
: (actually, just Chinese and UK English, but more will come). I don't want to
: hard code the LOCALE into /etc/gdm/Sessions/Gnome. If anyone can help?

Just hardcode the locale to the 



chinese_t       zh_TW.big5

: Or can anyone suggest a better graphic front end support locale changing
: (personally, I like gdm can customise background and various features)?
: Thanks for very much.
: Regards,
: WK Yeung
: --
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