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gdm Problem.

Hi all
I am new to Debian World and this list. :)

I have searched the archive but can't find the solution for my problem, I
have setup X properly to display Chinese (Big5). However, I would like to
use GDM for my login front-end, the problem is XFree can not read the proper
locale, it use the English instead. I read the archive said gdm will not
read .bashrc for user's locale. Therefore I should in the /etc/gtk/ from
big5 to Big5. Is the method correct, but why it is not working?

This terminal is going to share with other people with different locale
(actually, just Chinese and UK English, but more will come). I don't want to
hard code the LOCALE into /etc/gdm/Sessions/Gnome. If anyone can help?

Or can anyone suggest a better graphic front end support locale changing
(personally, I like gdm can customise background and various features)?

Thanks for very much.

WK Yeung

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