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Re: About wnn

wen@japan.email.ne.jp wrote:

> scheme> As long as your emacs/xemacs include MULE support and installed the
> scheme> respective fonts, you can input Chinese GB or Big5 or Japanese.??d the
> scheme> packages included in Debian distributions already do so.?? course, you
> scheme> have to know at least one of the input methods.
> 请问你指的是用Emacs/Xemacs带的Quail输中文吗? 它只能一个字一个字地输,不能
> 输词组. 
That depends on the input method.

If you use Chinese-GB, I can send my version of ZhengMa for
Emacs/XEmacs. I derive it from Windows ZhengMa. There are almost 50000
entries. You can input either a single character or a group of
characters that count for a phrase.

But there are some glitches: most frequently used words are not listed
foremost, but I have no time to fix that.  So for the time being, I'll
keep it for myself.

> BTW, 不知为何你的文中有两处是乱码.
Probably because mozilla's confused about the character encoding. See
whether it's ok this time.

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