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Re: About wnn

wen@japan.email.ne.jp wrote:

> gis88564> > Debian里面有很多关于wnn的package, 据说wnn
> gis88564> > 是一种Input Method, 可是怎么没听说有人用过?
> gis88564> 
> gis88564> 	Wnn 和 Canna 是日本开发的, 虽然有多国语文版本, 
> gis88564> 	不过使用者还是以日本人居多数.
> 我一直是用它们输日语, 特别是在Emacs中,很方便. 据说 Wnn 是可以输中文的,
> 不知哪位能用它在 Emacs 中成功地输入中文(简体/繁体).

As long as your emacs/xemacs include MULE support and installed the
respective fonts, you can input Chinese GB or Big5 or Japanese.?And the
packages included in Debian distributions already do so.?Of course, you
have to know at least one of the input methods.

Sorry for writing in English, because I generally write in Chinese in
Emacs and seldom use XCIN and the like.


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