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RE: Several questions...

1. Why Debian?

I only had a very old 386 with 8M RAM and 100M harddisk, when I was
attracted by Linux in 1998. Debian seems the only one can support 8M RAM and
small disk. After that I got a laptop last year. So I asked linux news
groups for advice. Most of them suggested Debian because it's small,
reliable and there is also a debian-laptop mailing list can help.

Another reason I chosed debian is because it is pure free.

2. After I am "good" at Debian, will I be "fair" in installing other 
    distribution like Red Hat, SUSE, Slackware...

Debian supports RPM packages. I got CXterm from a Redhat package several
years ago when there wasn't a deb one available. 

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