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Cannot install Debian :(

I have download the NON_US version Debian 2.2rev20 and
install on my PC. The configuration is as below:
AMD K6-2 300MHz
IBM 10GB harddisk
Voodoo Banshee card
128MB memory

During the installation, it prompts me to make the harddisk bootable.
When I answer 'yes', it prompts me that lilo wasn't able to install
and suggests that my harddisk contains more than 1023 cylinder.
Afterwards, I follow the instruction to create a /dev/hda1 as a 8.3MB
partition and mount it as /boot.
But the same problem occurs.
So, I decide to leave it and try to make a bootable floopy.
However, I can't make the boot floopy as it always prompts me to insert
a new floopy even I insert a newly formatted floopy.

That makes me cannot install the Debian.
Can anyone please help me to solve this problem?
Many thanks.
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