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Re: cannot input using xcin

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 05:49:53AM -0800, Lester Lam wrote:
> Hi, 
> I have a few problems for using chinese in debian:

> 1) how come I only able to type chinese using the command xcinterm-big5? 
> even I open another crxvt-big5 afterward, I still can't type chinese in
> the new crxvt.

  因为 xcinterm-big5 自动设好 XMODIFIERS,但你的 ~/.bashrc 却又把它
设错了,所以从 xcinterm-big5 里打开的程式便有问题了。下续……

> 2) how can I type chinese in other applications? 
> (e.g. licq, abiword, etc)

  在 xcinterm-big5 里打开 abiword 或 licq 就可以了。

> 3) can anyone tell me how can I display chinese on
> licq?  or should I say, is there are any chinese
> support for QT?

  licq 已经支援中文了。如果你不喜欢 licq 用楷书,你可以把附带的档案
放入 /etc/qt.fontguess 或 ~/.fontguess 里。(我还未确定这个档案的
设定是否完全正确,但相信总有一天,我们会请 Debian 的 libqt2 维护员
加个 /etc/qt.fontguess 进去。 :-)

> I use blackbox as my windows manager.
> just for ref, i have the following in my .bashrc:
> export LC_ALL=zh_TW.Big5
> export LC_CTYPE=zh_TW.Big5
> export LANG=zh_TW.Big5
> exprot XMODIFIERS="im=xcin-zh_TW.Big5"
  ^^^^^^             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


	export XMODIFIERS="@im=xcin"

除了串错 "exprot",你少加了 "@" 号。另外,xcin 在 Big5 模式时,
不应加 "-zh_TW.Big5"。这个在旧版的 Debian ZH FAQ 所没有说清楚,

> btw, are these two lines only for chinput?
> stty cs8 -istrip
> stty pass8

  不是,但似乎 Debian 本来的预设值已经正确,所以我自己从来都不特别
另设这两个 stty 的变数。 :-)

> I have read the whole chinese FAQ, but just can't find
> a solution for the above problems.  I appreciate if
> you can give me a hand.  Thanks!

嘻嘻,对不起,网页上的 Debian Chinese FAQ 有一个小错误,
已在 debian-zh-faq_1.1 更正了,但网页未更新。暂时,请

	apt-get install debian-zh-faq

你用的是 testing 或 unstable 吗?这些新的好东西,potato 里面


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