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Re: Proposal

On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 09:14:54AM +0800, zw@debian.org wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 09, 2000 at 10:05:54PM +0800, ha shao wrote:
> > 
> > You mean 2 stages or 2 phrases of work, right? Yes, that is what I have
> > in mind. If we have a few more people agree on, we will do it that way
> > and will have seperate maintainners for different group at the 2nd stage.
> just curious _why_ we want to speak differently? anyway, never mind...

We don't want to. But language is a dynamic thing. It changes over
time and environments. Hopefully, soon or later, it will converge to
a one again.

> i got my home plain pentium in nanjing up again with potato r0 now, hehe ;-)
> no chinese environment yet. :-(

Good for you. 

> hashao you're something! you guys are really cool fast! ;-)

Hey, we are debian users. We make things happen by ourselves.
And if you got people like debian users, everything happens.

But... it is you and Xuedong Zhang dragged all of us down this
water, so don't try to keep your feet from wet. We will left
something for you to do. :) 

Thanks all our folks here!

Don't stop. We are looking good.
现在已经有意进行Debian 按装盘中文化工作的朋友:
zhaoway <zw_at_debian.org>
Xuedong Zhang <zxd_at_bu.edu>
"eechi von akusyumi" <vinauser_at_netvigator.com> <vasdefense_at_hongkong.com>
hashao <hashao_at_chinese.com>
wgj <wgj_at_joyosoft.com>
Jiang Yonglang <jyl_cn999_at_yahoo.com>
cosmos  gis88564_at_cis.nctu.edu.tw
Bryan <u6192163_at_tknet.tku.edu.tw>
Ben Luo <benluo_at_etang.com>
Mendel L Chan <linuxrat_at_gnuchina.org>

Best regard

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