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Re: period in chines

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, zhaoway wrote:
> ·Ç³£¸Ðл ¶«¶« ÐÖ ºÍ ¾ÓÊ¿ ÐֵĽâ´ð£ï
> µ«ÊÇ»¹ÊÇ¿´ÉÏÈ¥²»Ïó°¡?            ^^ £¿£¿¡¡£»£­£©
> Æ´ÒôÈ«½Ç£º
> S-A-O:`£ï'
> S-A-I:`£é'
> S-A-H:`£è'
> S-A-J:`£ê'

Hmm... did I make a mistake?  :-)  Anyway, it is left-shift and left-alt
in shift-alt-o.  If it is not shift-alt, it could have been
shift-ctrl-o... I can't remember at the moment, but I'm pretty sure it is

For your other questions, you may want to read the manual.  :-)  See the
docs under /usr/doc/xcin .  You will need the help of zh-autoconvert.  :-)



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