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Re: Chinese in VIM?

好奇问问,唯是 Mendel L Chan?  :-)

On Sat, Dec 02, 2000 at 09:38:51AM +0800, Mendel L Chan wrote:
> Anyway, who is the deb packager of CCE/OLE/JMCE? Would you like to 
> modify the package.sh for me? I haven't do that yet for I don't know
> how. :(

  cce 是 Anthony Wong 兄包装的,不过我前一阵子做过一个 Non-maintainer
upload。 jmce,我看过一下,还没有包装好,而据我所知,Debian woody 里
尚未有 jmce。ole 我看过一下,还没有碰。(忙嘛! :-)

  如果有什么可以帮上忙的,我相信 Anthony Wong 或我都会乐意效劳的。
也请问一下, package.sh 是什么? :-)


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