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Re: Chinese in VIM?

Doesn't vim+CCE show you the correct Chinese? I use that pair for over
2 years(1998.9-2000.12), nothing needs to be changed. :) Surely, CCE
doesn't process that very well, so we'll try best to make it better.
I don't know how you switch VCs. Is that a normal way using ALT+Fx or
CTRL+ALT+A/P/N/X in CCE? The latter is the better way. That's so great
a feature I love. :)

Or you could try other console Chinese softwares such as hcon(HappyConsole
enhanced from CCE by Legend HappyLinux), yh(YanHuang by RedFlag Linux),
OLE by yuming. The recommended one is hcon: 100% CJK environment, better
and more input methods. All software I mentioned could be found here:

Anyway, who is the deb packager of CCE/OLE/JMCE? Would you like to 
modify the package.sh for me? I haven't do that yet for I don't know
how. :(

BTW: I made a stupid mistake in ole manual page and ole.cfg about the
     encoding section. I modify it but doesn't put it on my ftp yet.
     Hope I would do that later. 

On Sat, 2 Dec 2000, Hailiang wrote:

> Hello,
>       Would u pls tell me if I can see Chinese(only reading,no writing) in PURE vim.
> I have read the vim online help about multy-bytes,there r some information about that.
> I remember that it seems vim can only show Chinese in GUI mode.But I wonder if it can
> display Chinese characters in console mode.I have made vim show Chinese under a virtual
> Chinese driver named CCE,it works smoothly.But it makes switching between virtual console
> so slowly.That why my quetion comes out.
> 	If vim can,pls tell me the steps I should follow.I am now happily programing with
> vim in console.If it can help me read Chinese docs easily,that will be perfect!
> 	Thanks a lot!
>       Hailiang
>             hailiang@citiz.net
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