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Re: [FWD:] The locale name of Taiwan

Hello Ming-Che,

> 刚刚查一下 X/Open 的规定  zh_TW 还是给 CNS 用

Mr. Hsieh forward your email to debian list. Would you like to point out
what exact X/Open specification you were referring to? X/Open has disappeared
for many years (merged into open group). Probably the only X/Open standard
still can be heard today is XPG4. I seems could not find what you mentioned.
Nor can I find it in XPG4's successors, Unix95 and Unix98 standards, published
by open group.

> 而且 CNS 的字集比 任何一个 Big5 都大, 你要用 Big5? 全面取代 CNS 怎说都说不过去
> 还是你希望 GNU 的系统, 从此进不了金融界跟政府机构的大门。

Calm down, no one is taking away the CNS. It's installed by default, in
zh_TW.euctw. Only need to add one alias in X to make Xlocale working.

> 另外听说 glibc 的 cmap 格式又改了,不知道是改成怎样的标准。

Do you mean charmap file format? It's POSIX conforming, but more restrictive
in that symbolic name must be in Unicode form since glibc get rid of 
repertoire files.


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