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Re: unable to read Chinese mail in mutt

On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 06:05:11PM +0800, hashao wrote:
> RS> This is a known problem - see Bug #73050:
> RS>         http://bugs.debian.org/73050
> Actually for glibc 2.1.x, locale handle is buggie and zh_CN.GB2312
> locale definition did not cope with the bug. You might want to upgrade
> your Chinese locale package from woody. Anthony Fok should have added
> a work around for this in the Chinese locale package. If you don't
> want to upgrade, you might just use zh_CN.GBK which should be okey
> with mutt.

No, this bug only appeared on my system after I upgraded to woody's
libc6 and locales, version 2.1.94-3 (2.2 beta).  (I use 
zh_HK.big5hkscs by the way ... but the latest libc6, locales and 
mutt from woody should be broken for zh_CN.GB2312/GBK too.)

> mutt's "--enable-locales-fix" should fix this too but in case you
> don't want to recompile mutt.

Or just unset the LANG, LC_CTYPE and LC_ALL variables before starting

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