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Re: firefly fonts & CJKUnifonts

On Saturday 19 February 2005 11:49, Asho Yeh wrote:
> Will the CJKUnifonts(Project) contain the HangWang TrueTypes fonts?

If you refer to those which have bopomofo annotated to some Hanzi, no. 
But in the future there will be a better solution. :) 
AFAIK, the HangWang fonts just use the annotation fixed to the glyph, 
which actually poses a problem. Because for many characters, they can 
have more than one pronounciation. But with the HangWang "solution" we 
cannot display that.

I'm working on a way to compose such annotations on the fly using Ruby. 
However, as this is still in planning stage, this will take some 
time. :)

> I finally finished building the deb and upload to "somewhere"(If
> ftp://debian.linux.org.tw could be, that's great).

For the meantime until my solution works, we could do that. :)

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