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Re: firefly fonts & CJKUnifonts

> Hi,
> Firefly is going to merge his embedded bitmap fonts into Arne's
> CJKUnifonts in the future which contains more characters and update
> more frequency. So let's close this ITP and create another for
> CJKUnifonts
> CJKUnifonts - a TrueType unicode font containing Traditional Chinese,
> Minnan, Hakka, Simplified Chinese and Kantonese characters.  And Japanese
> and Korean characters will be included soon.
> CJKUnifont (http://unifont.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/CJKUnifonts)
Will the CJKUnifonts(Project) contain the HangWang TrueTypes fonts?

I finally finished building the deb and upload to "somewhere"(If ftp://debian.linux.org.tw could be, that's great).


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