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Re: Bug#290284: aptitude: Chinese translation isn't match with APT's translation, big confuse!

Christian Perrier wrote:
tags 290284 moreinfo l10n

Quoting Andrew Lee (andrew@linux.org.tw):

Package: aptitude
Severity: minor

Hi guys,

We have a mistranslated report in APT recently, and I found these
translations aren't matched in aptitude, it is quite confusing our
users, any idea for jump out of this mess?

Please refer to apt's bug 218232

For Daniel (the aptitude package maintainer), 218232 is about the
translation of "Hit" in Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) in apt.

The original bug submitter mentioned that the current translation is
quite strange. Though Matt Zimmerman requested for more information,
namely a suggestion, no answer was received.

I recently jumped in APT development for helping in handling l10n,
just like I'm doing for aptitude. Then I revived this bug report and
requested to a few people, including the probably appropriate mailing
list, for their advice.

The discussion in 218232 is currently going on (the consensus still
needs to be reached). I guess that later on, aptitude's translation
will need to be adapted of course. apt has: 擊中 aptitude has: 命中
Ambrose Li proposed:

As Rex Tsai is aptitude's translator, I guess the some input from him
is appropriate. Anyway, I suggest that users of zh_TW localisation
discuss together these various issues and then later propose a new PO
file for aptitude and another one for APT (please remember that the
current one for APT is still incomplete).

After discussion, the attachment is the updated version of PO and HELP files for aptitude. Kanru Chen submited the complete translation PO file for apt. (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=291178)


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