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Re: Bug#290284: aptitude: Chinese translation isn't match with APT's translation, big confuse!

tags 290284 moreinfo l10n

Quoting Andrew Lee (andrew@linux.org.tw):
> Package: aptitude
> Version:
> Severity: minor
> Hi guys,
> We have a mistranslated report in APT recently, and I found these
> translations aren't matched in aptitude, it is quite confusing our
> users, any idea for jump out of this mess?
> Please refer to apt's bug 218232
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=218232

For Daniel (the aptitude package maintainer), 218232 is about the
translation of "Hit" in Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) in apt.

The original bug submitter mentioned that the current translation is
quite strange. Though Matt Zimmerman requested for more information,
namely a suggestion, no answer was received.

I recently jumped in APT development for helping in handling l10n,
just like I'm doing for aptitude. Then I revived this bug report and
requested to a few people, including the probably appropriate mailing
list, for their advice.

The discussion in 218232 is currently going on (the consensus still
needs to be reached). I guess that later on, aptitude's translation
will need to be adapted of course. 

apt has: 擊中 
aptitude has: 命中 

Ambrose Li proposed:

As Rex Tsai is aptitude's translator, I guess the some input from him
is appropriate. Anyway, I suggest that users of zh_TW localisation
discuss together these various issues and then later propose a new PO
file for aptitude and another one for APT (please remember that the
current one for APT is still incomplete).

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