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Re: mutt and asian fonts

On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 10:48:36AM +0800, ha shao wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 04:56:39PM +0800, Clive Lin wrote:
> > 
> >     Did iconv of glibc integrated big5<->utf8<->gb2312 mapping of
> > libhz already ? That's very cool, indeed! My problem here is, map of
> I have not see any converter make big5->utf8->gb2312 works like 
> big5->gb2312. Always lost all the traditional characters in the
> process. vice versa. Does BSD's libiconv make a different?

err, BSD's libiconv is even wrose, or say, very bad.
We prefer libhz's table.

A neat trick was done to override relative libiconv functions with libhz's.
libhz is part of autoconvert, URL is http://banyan.dlut.edu.cn/~ygh/ .

That trick is myiconv.c in the patchset. Of course, this should
disappear after the tables in (GNU|libc|BSD) libiconv got fixed.

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